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Hey guys,

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 Draco needs more video messages for Tony Head's birthday vid this year.  There are two more days to get them in.  Check out the ASHBD page for guidelines.  Come on and help us out do last year!

And we still need entries for the party...

Fic: Taking Care (FRT) Giles, Dawn

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Title: Taking Care
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRT
Characters: Giles, Dawn
Timeline: About 1 year post-Chosen. Not following the Comics.

Summary: Giles wakes up with a monster hangover. But that’s not as scary as where he is and who he’s with.
For the Drunken!Giles Ficathon 2014 ( Prompt - The morning after the night before, Giles awakens to discover drink led him to.. who?
(I hope I managed to get enough funny into this.)

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This year's Christmas Fic...

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... is not happening.

I'm sorry, but between injury and a general lack of inspiration, I only have one chapter finished.  However, only two people, that I now of, were really following the trilogy and looking forward to the final story.  I know that they will be patient and forgive my weakness.

Love you all and Merry Christmas!

Here, but not...

In case anyone, like il_mio_capitano, is missing me...  A few days ago I took a hard fall and wrecked my left arm.  That hand is unuseable at the moment.  Then, while trying to work one-handed, I sliced my right index finger open.  So, I've been reduced to one working typing finger.  I have not abandoned you or Giles and will be back as so as writing is possable again.  I hope it's very soon, because this bites!

Fic: Scared Scooby


Happy Halloween

Title: Scared Scooby (10/31/98)
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRT
Characters: Core Four
Timeline: Halloween night 1998, season three.
Summary: Halloween is a quiet night on the Hellmouth, isn’t it?
A/N: There are four drabbles leading up to this story. You do not need to read them to understand and enjoy. But, if you’d like to, they can be found here.  I know this isn't the worlds most original idea, but I hope you all enjoy my spin on it.

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Drabble set: Halloween '98


For those of you who have not yet discovered giles_shorts, I have spent this month posting a set of drabbles that lead up to my main Halloween fic. Think of this as your teaser for the main even tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderfully spooky time!

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This would take place in February as a celebration of Anthony Head’s birthday. We want to honor all of the wonderful fan works dedicated to ASH-based life forms. Please let us know if you would be willing to participate in this idea. This would mean anything from simply nominating and pimping, to judging, making award graphics, and archiving.

Let us know by taking this quick poll, or sending me a PM.

Come on. Every time we get an answer, Tony blushes and giggles!

Poll #1939873 The Head-line Awards
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Would you be interested in a yearly award based on Anthony Head characters?

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6 (100.0%)
Not really
0 (0.0%)

How would you be willing to participate? (Check all that apply)

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5 (23.8%)
6 (28.6%)
5 (23.8%)
Creating award graphics
2 (9.5%)
1 (4.8%)
Site moding
2 (9.5%)

What categories would you like to see? (Suggestions)

Would you like to suggest a different name?

Can we contact you?

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No. I'll just be around if this happens.
1 (20.0%)
Yes. I'll PM you with my info.
4 (80.0%)
Don't know. Put out another call if you're desprate.
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Incase anybody missed them...


...and for my records.

I managed four stories for this year’s summer_of_giles. They were:

FindingGrace. Crossover with The Invisibles.

Magister 2– The Demon’s Legacy. Vamp!Giles.

Winged Vengeance ?!Giles.

Lover’s Inquisition. 3rd after Lover’s Knot and Lover’s Noose.

If you missed any, I’d love for you guys to check them out and tell me how I did. And, of course, I will be working on ‘Home’, the next installment of the Christmas fic series, very soon. Love you all!


Reminder for SoG!

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You guys have one more week to sign up for Summer of Giles.  And I'm sad to say many of my friends are still missing from the calender.  Come on, Guys, it won't be as much fun without you.  And I know some of you are drawing a blank at the moment, but there's no insperation like a looming deadline.  You know you'll regret it if you lose your chance at a day and don't participate.

Don't make me start pestering you indivsually.  You know I can be seriously annoying when I have to be.




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