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We are still looking for some more judges for the new Head-line Awards.  Some of you may not have see me begging everywhere else.  Please contact me if you want to help in any way.

Also, if you would like to see what we're up to, feel free to join us at  All our threads are under the 'ASH CHAT' board.

PLEASE!  Don't make me start poking you guys with the stick.

More information can be found here:

Vid: Anthony Head - Going Down


Tribute to one of my favorite guys in the world, Anthony Head.  I've noticed that almost all of his characters have two things in common, he's a great kisser, and he has the ability to withstand grievous bodily harm!  Hope you enjoy!

Video: Nathan Wallace - Demons


A tribute to Nathan Wallace.  All he want's to do is protect his little girl, but how can he when the monster is in him?

Next in my continuing effort to vid all ASH-based life-forms.

Video: Paracelsus - Radioactive


Tribute to one of Warehouse 13's most badass villains, Paracelsus!

Hey guys,

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 Draco needs more video messages for Tony Head's birthday vid this year.  There are two more days to get them in.  Check out the ASHBD page for guidelines.  Come on and help us out do last year!

And we still need entries for the party...

Fic: Taking Care (FRT) Giles, Dawn

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Title: Taking Care
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRT
Characters: Giles, Dawn
Timeline: About 1 year post-Chosen. Not following the Comics.

Summary: Giles wakes up with a monster hangover. But that’s not as scary as where he is and who he’s with.
For the Drunken!Giles Ficathon 2014 ( Prompt - The morning after the night before, Giles awakens to discover drink led him to.. who?
(I hope I managed to get enough funny into this.)

Taking CareCollapse )

This year's Christmas Fic...

Giles wings
... is not happening.

I'm sorry, but between injury and a general lack of inspiration, I only have one chapter finished.  However, only two people, that I now of, were really following the trilogy and looking forward to the final story.  I know that they will be patient and forgive my weakness.

Love you all and Merry Christmas!

Here, but not...

In case anyone, like il_mio_capitano, is missing me...  A few days ago I took a hard fall and wrecked my left arm.  That hand is unuseable at the moment.  Then, while trying to work one-handed, I sliced my right index finger open.  So, I've been reduced to one working typing finger.  I have not abandoned you or Giles and will be back as so as writing is possable again.  I hope it's very soon, because this bites!

Fic: Scared Scooby


Happy Halloween

Title: Scared Scooby (10/31/98)
Author: Gilescandy
Rating: FRT
Characters: Core Four
Timeline: Halloween night 1998, season three.
Summary: Halloween is a quiet night on the Hellmouth, isn’t it?
A/N: There are four drabbles leading up to this story. You do not need to read them to understand and enjoy. But, if you’d like to, they can be found here.  I know this isn't the worlds most original idea, but I hope you all enjoy my spin on it.

Scared ScoobyCollapse )



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