1 day left to nominate!!!

2018 Headline Nominee List

We're doing good, but these are the categories that still need entries to be judged!

Another Hero Award  [Best Character Vid]
Staring at the Sun Award  [Best Tribute Vid]
Pendragon Pride Award  [Best Gen Fic, Uther]
Heart of Camelot Award  [Best Romance Fic, Uther]
Sins of the Father Award  [Best Smut, Uther]
Best Thing Since Rainbows Award  [Best Gen Fic, Other Character]
Imagine You and Me Award  [Best Romance, Other Character]
Gold Blend Award  [Best Smut, Other Character]
Legal Assassin Award  [Best Dark, Other Character]
Over our Head Award  [Best Meta]

I know there's lots of wonderful work out there.  I need you guys to help me find them!!!


Call for new Headline Award judges!

We are coming up on another Headline season.  And we’re always ready to welcome new judges, so send us a message if you’d like to join other Tony fans to celebrate this great fandom family we all love.

Also, don’t forget to start making your list of stories, artwork, and vids worthy of nomination.


Looking for a Beta

Hey guys,

Anyone out there have the time or inclination to help beta a Giles/Willow long fic for a late Augest posting date?  The writer in need of help is punch_kicker15.  Let me know if you think you can help.  I'm still racing for SoG, and wanted to see if I can find someone to start on it for her a little sooner.

Thanks all!

The 10th Annual Summer of Giles invites you....

Originally posted by katekat1010 at The 10th Annual Summer of Giles invites you....
Dear Anthony Head Fans,

It's the 10th year it's been going and it's time again for Summer Of Giles! We hope you'll come and celebrate the summer with us, and bring along some great Anthony Stewart Head to do so! Yes, you read that right, it's summer again (or becoming summer in this hemisphere) and it's time to dust your favorite stories of Giles off, pull your favorite media of Giles out, get your favorite music of Giles playing, and pick a day (or two).

sign up here}